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Moving on the Game Board:

The game is designed so that players scale the building one row of windows at a time, in a serpentine pattern. When players have advanced to the end of a row, they either jump up or down to the next row depending on whether they are making money or losing money. However, there are some twists on the board to make things interesting …

Game Board Twists

Elevator: If you land on any window that looks in on an elevator, you must roll the dice. Even numbers are Bullish, and Odd numbers are Bearish.

  • If you roll Two (2) Even numbers: Move Up the Elevator One window (Yeah, that’s about a 100K boost)
  • If you roll Two (2) Odd numbers: Move Down the Elevator One window (Ouch, that’s about a 100K drop)
  • If you split with an Odd & Even Number: Move Forward Two (2) windows.
Double Dare & Double Double Dare: If you land on a window that posts a number 2 or 4, you have the option of doubling (2X) or quadrupling (4X) the Crankulator return. Flip your Big or Shot card on the “Mr. Bigshot” side if you are taking the dare.

The Basement: If you have the misfortunate of going backwards past the 100K Start window, you must drop down into the Basement with the Bears and Skip a Round of play before starting back up in the 100K window.

How does the Board Game work?

Each round, every player is investing $100,000. That’s right, there is no choice in the matter, and you are by default investing 100K. (Hey, the name of the game is Mr. Bigshot; you gotta throw some cash around!)

The results posted on the Crankulator reflect how your 100K investment performed, quarter by quarter for one (1) year in time.

Each window on the board is worth 10K ($10,000). So if the Crankulator reads 9F (9 windows forward), you made 90K on your investment. On the other hand, if your return is 5B (5 windows backward), you just lost 50K and have to move back 5 windows.

Since each window is worth 10K, a row of windows is worth 100K. When you complete the 100K row of windows, you jump up to the 200K window and continue to serpentine row by row until you reach Mr. Bigshot on the roof – the 1 Million Dollar mark!

To understand the “Keys to the Game”, start up the Online Demo and click on the “Key” icon in the upper left corner.

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