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  1. Roll the dice to see who goes first. High number starts play and uses the Crankulator first.

  2. Hand out a matching Big & Shot card to each player. Have each player select a game piece and place it in the 100K “Start Window”.

  3. Randomly pick a Game Card from the deck and pass it around for each player to carefully review.

    Each player reviews the same game card and decides which company is the better investment, Big or Shot. Don’t be intimidated by the data, just go with your instincts and take your best guess – like stockbrokers do every day! Players keep their choice secret until Step 4.

  4. Players reveal either their Big or Shot card in the given playing order.

    This signifies that you are investing in either company Big or Shot. Hey, you can only pick one, and you are now locked into either Big or Shot for the rest of the round.

  5. Place the backside of the game card into the Crankulator and read aloud the results, pausing each quarter for each player to signify if they want to “Sell” or “Hold”.

    Each player has the option to sell out, or hold to the next quarter. Players announce their intentions (“Sell” or “Hold”) each quarter according to the playing order established. You automatically sell if you hold until the 4th quarter. After the 4th quarter, the actual companies names are revealed.

  6. After you have sold, move your game piece Forward (F) or Backward (B) the number of “windows” stated by the Crankulator.

    Move your game piece the number of windows according to the quarter in which you sold. Only move your game piece after you have sold. In other words, if you sold in the 3rd quarter, you move according to the 3rd quarters results. The 1st or 2nd quarter’s results are not relevant and therefore are not added or subtracted to the 3rd quarter’s results.

  7. Draw a card and start the next round. Playing order is rotated clockwise one person.

    This is a scheduled Twelve round bout, unless someone scores a knockout and reaches the Million Dollar Roof before 12 rounds. After 12 rounds, whoever advances the furthest in the building – wins the title of Mr. Bigshot!
Optional Rule: Play as many rounds as it takes for someone to reach the Million Dollar Roof.

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