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Who is Mr. Bigshot?

Mr. Bigshot is a remarkable game because you really play the Stock Market. How is this possible? You go back in time - over the past 35 years - and pick from hundreds of choice companies as if you were there.

Financial information & ratings have been meticulously gathered and presented in a simple & concise way. It's the Stock Market in a time warp!

You start with 100K ($100,000) and your goal is to be the first to reach $1 million. You do this by playing the Stock Market one card at a time. Each game card takes you back to January 1st of a random year in time, where two companies are pitted against each other in a head - to - head matchup.

These are real companies, with real ratings and real data from the year listed. You must pick one the companies and follow your investment through the year, stopping each quarter to assess whether you want to sell your stock, or hold to the next quarter. The Fourth quarter marks the end of the year, and the end of your turn.

On your next turn, travel to a new destination in time by picking another card and playing that year through.

Looking for more information about the board game. Here's a breakdown of the rules.

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