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Get To Know Mr. Bigshot!

Mr. Bigshot is so simple, that anybody can play the game - but not just anyone can be Mr. Bigshot. As you will most certainly see, when you’re dealing with money and the stakes are this high, things can get intense.
Here are the rules to the Board Game version of Mr. Bigshot …

In a Nutshell …this is a 12 round bout for the Mr. Bigshot Championship of the World! Each round flashes back to January 1st of a random year in time where two companies (Big & Shot) are pitted against each other in a head to head match up. These are real companies, with real ratings and real data from the year listed. You must pick one of the companies and follow your investment through the year, stopping each quarter to assess whether you want to sell your stock, or hold to the next quarter. The Fourth quarter marks the end of the year, and the end of the round.

Players continue to battle it out round after round, and whoever scores the most cash after the 12th round earns the prestigious title of Mr. Bigshot.

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